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Inside Our Worlds

Take a journey with us...

CLASS Publishing is honored to share this stimulating, unsettling fine art publication by the father-daughter team of Thomas and Miranda Johnson. Worlds Unmasked takes the reader on "A Journey Through the Plague Years," as seen through the eyes of an emerging visual artists-photographer, then as interpreted by the wordsmithing of a retired university librarian. The 135 haunting black-and-white images are grace-noted with precise and provoking poetry. First the seeing; then the saying what is seen. As a body of work, capturing the strange dichotomy experienced through Covid—both the alienation of society and the grateful appreciation of self—Worlds Unmasked exposes the isolation, loneliness, and despair of feared illness amidst political, social and economic upheaval, countered by the restorative hope found in the beauty and resilience of nature... and human nature.

—Linda Ketron, Editor/Publisher

   CLASS Publishing, LLC

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